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Sausalito Village Board of Directors


Board of Directors


Our Board and its Advisors are committeed not only to the success of Sausalito Village, but to the well-being of its members.  We have developed solid relationships with the City of Sausalito, Age-Friendly Sausalito and local businesses to create a sense of community and address the issues thereof.  

Thanks to the generosity of Rotary Housing, our Board has been able to use the Community Room of Sausalito Rotary Village for our monthly meetings.

Our Team:


Connie Captanian -


Board of Directors:

Tricia Smith - President, Team Lead of Community Outreach 

Felicity Kirsch - Treasurer

Joyce Alexander - Secretary, Team Lead of Membership                 

Connie Captanian - Director, Team Lead of Volunteers 

Annie Dorsey - Director, Team Co-Lead of Programs                  

Flo Hoylman - Director, Team Co-Lead of Programs

Gale Brewer - Director, Team Lead of Communications                                                       


Advisory Board:

Charlie Arenson

Hillair Bell

Ceci Browne

Meg Fawcett

Rhonda Friedberg

Judy Haslam

Teddie Hathaway

Jackie Kudler

Linda Jaeger

Charles Kaufman

Jon Lam

Andie Lautman

Lois Prentice

Linda Sempliner

Rick Seymour

Sharon Seymour

Stella Shao

Betsy Stroman

Rosalie Wallace

John Walsham

Carolyn Zaroff