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Sausalito Village Board of Directors


Board of Directors


Sausalito Village launched in October 2010 as a part of Marin Village, a countywide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  In November 2012 we became a stand-alone village. Our volunteer board of directors (formerly called a steering committee) directs our day to day activities.

Our board meets monthly in the Community Room of Sausalito Rotary Village. Members of Sausalito Village are welcome to attend our board meetings as observers, though we ask that they notify us in advance of their intent to do so.

Board members currently include:

Tricia Smith - President    

John Walsham - Treasurer

Joyce Alexander - Secretary

Charles Arenson - Director

Hillair Bell - Director           

Ceci Browne – Director      

Annie Dorsey - Director      

Rhonda Friedburg - Director 

Flo Hoylman - Director          

Linda Jaeger - Director       

Charles Kaufman - Director

Felicity Kirsch - Director    

Jackie Kudler - Director      

Lois Prentice - Director       

Rick Seymour - Director      

Rosalie Wallace - Director     


Emeritus Group:

Meg Fawcett

Judy Haslam

Teddie Hathaway

Jon Lam

Andie Lautman

Linda Sempliner

Sharon Seymour

Stella Shao

Betsy Stroman

Carolyn Zaroff