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"Our challenge is to make old age not only acceptable but inviting. ...We can craft an old age that will be intellectually stimulating, socially rewarding, productive and fun. The greatest gift we could give to future generations is to say, 'Here's a way to be old that you'll want to be.' " Laura Carstensen, PhD, A Long Bright Future 

Sausalito Village is a non-profit organization founded by a small group of volunteers who wanted to build a community of friendship and support among Sausalito's older residents. We are dedicated to enhancing the ability of our members to live independently, remaining active and integral to our community as we age.  

We offer a wide variety of supportive services, as well as educational, cultural, fitness, and social activities, all of which help our members to live safe, active, and connected lives. 

Membership in Sausalito Village is open to anyone living within the Sausalito city limits and in the adjacent Floating Homes Community.

For details on how to become a member, or if you would simply like to learn more about us, give us a call at 415-332-3325 or contact us by email at You are also welcome to attend one or more of our meetings or events, most of which are open to the public. For a complete calendar of events, click on the Event Calendar to the right. 

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